As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another

We live in a world where the focus is always on what is wrong with us, what we can change to do better or improve.  What if we decided to focus on what is RIGHT with us instead of what is wrong? What if we decided to increase our strengths instead of “fix” our weaknesses? What if we decided to stop focusing on how not to fail and start focusing on how to succeed? We are all created with a unique blend of talents, that when understood, cultivated and intentionally applied, propel us to success in whatever we decide to do.  As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach ®, I will help you identify your talents, understand, nurture and build them into strengths, and then leverage them to create success in all realms of your life.  

Understanding how we are wired, why some things come so easily and some are such a challenge, is a GIFT that sets us up to live our most fulfilled life.  Imagine understanding yourself so well that you know how to harness your unique talents to successfully take on any challenge.  Imagine being able to bring those talents to every realm of your life so you can experience total life wellness and live the most balanced and healthy life possible .

We will work together to ensure that you are showing up as the very best version of yourself consistently…that’s what strengths and wellness coaching is all about.



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I felt like the experience of my strengths coaching session was great. I’ve never had better words to describe my personality and strengths. It was refreshing to talk about my strengths with someone else and to learn how to apply them to my professional and personal life. I walked away with the ability to describe myself using more positive words and redefine some traits to see them as strengths. I found what I learned in this coaching session useful when developing my professional brand for my graduate business class. Understanding my strengths made it much easier to articulate my goals and how I can leverage my professional brand to achieve them. Recognizing that connectedness was one of my strengths affirmed my desire to embrace our connection to one another. It has allowed me to live a more compassionate lifestyle and to prioritize this as a strength. I am walking through life happier and seeking opportunities to share this strength with others. -Blake M.

Going through the process of learning my strengths was amazing and extremely eye opening, as well as affirming.  

During the session, I learned that the strengths that I scored high or were my most prominent on, were truly built into me as a person, and it clarified a lot of the reasons I make the personal and professional choices that I do. This gave me the confidence to lean into those particular strengths, as they serve me better as a leader. I plan on using the information as I search for other professional development opportunities, build teams, and develop relationships to maximize my natural strengths skill set. This is extremely valuable knowledge that Darlene was able to coach me through. I plan on having a refresher session in the future to have my finger on the pulse of my strengths, and be aware of any changes that may work to my highest power –Avril S.


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