Wellness Assessment

Emotional Wellness: understanding your own feelings and expressing emotions in a constructive way, and having the ability to deal with stress and cope with life’s challenges

I find it easy to express my emotions in positive, constructive ways

I recognize when I am stressed and take steps to manage my stress (e.g., exercise, quiet time, meditation)

I am resilient and can bounce back after a disappointment or problem

I am able to maintain a balance of work, family, friends and other obligations

I am flexible and adapt or adjust to change in a positive way

I  am able to make decisions with minimal stress or worry  

When I am angry, I try to let others know in non-confrontational or non-hurtful ways  

Intellectual Wellness: engaging in creative and mentally-stimulating activities, expanding your knowledge through cultural, artistic, or skill-based learning, and sharing knowledge and skills with others
I am curious and interested in the communities, as well as the world, around me

I search for learning opportunities and stimulating mental activities

I manage my time well, rather than it managing me

I enjoy brainstorming and sharing knowledge with others in group projects or tasks

I enjoy learning about subjects other than those I am required to study in my field of work

I seek opportunities to learn practical skills to help others

I can critically consider the opinions and information presented by others and provide constructive feedback

Occupational Wellness: getting personal fulfillment from your job or academic pursuits, and contributing to knowledge and skills, while maintaining a work-life balance

I get personal satisfaction and enrichment from work

I believe that I am able to contribute my knowledge, skills, and talents at work

I seek out opportunities to improve my knowledge or skills

I balance my social life and job responsibilities well

I effectively handle my level of stress related to work responsibilities

My work load is manageable  

I explore paid and/or volunteer opportunities that interest me

Physical Wellness: making choices to avoid harmful habits and practice behaviors that support your physical body, health and safety

I engage in physical exercise regularly (e.g., 30 mins at least 5x a week or 10,000 steps a day).

I get 6-8 hours of sleep each night

I protect myself and others from getting ill (e.g., wash my hands, cover my cough, etc.)

I abstain from drinking alcohol; or if I do drink, I aim to keep my BAC < .06

I avoid using tobacco products or other drugs

I eat a balanced diet (fruits, vegetables, low-moderate fat, whole grains)

I get regular physical exams (i.e., annual, when I have atypical symptoms)

Social Wellness: building and maintaining a diversity of supportive relationships, and dealing effectively with interpersonal conflict

I consciously and continually try to work on behaviors or attitudes that have caused problems in my interactions with others  

In my romantic or sexual relationships, I choose partner(s) who respect my wants, needs, and choices  

I feel supported and respected in my close relationships

I communicate effectively with others, share my views and listen to those of others

I consider the feelings of others and do not act in hurtful or selfish ways

I try to see good in my friends and do whatever I can to support them

I participate in a wide variety of social activities and find opportunities to form new relationships

Spiritual Wellness: having beliefs and values that provide a sense of purpose and help give meaning and purpose to your life, and acting in alignment with those beliefs
I take time to think about what’s important in life – who I am, what I value, where I fit in, and where I am going

I have found a balance between meeting my needs and those of others

I engage in acts of caring and goodwill without expecting something in return

I sympathize/empathize with those who are suffering and try to help them through difficult times

My values are true priorities in my life and are reflected in my actions

I feel connected to something larger than myself (e.g., supreme being, nature, connectedness of all living things, humanity, community)

I feel like my life has purpose and meaning

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